Red Revolution 3D

This game is my version of 3D Tetris, created in early 2012 for iPad and iPhone.  My dream is to someday create a version 2.0 cross-platform version of this game.

Game features

  • Three game modes: MARATHON, HAVOC, PUZZLE
  • Bombs and 7 power-ups (Earthquake, Freeze, Pulse, Rainbow Blocks, and more)
  • 7 challenging block types (tank blocks, car blocks, radioactive blocks, and more)
  • Over 200 Puzzle Levels in 5 unique sectors
  • 9 tracks of original and remixed music!
  • Beautiful Original Artwork, with over 65 backgrounds!
  • Voice Commentary

Technical features

  • custom physics engine, AI
  • custom touch interaction logic
  • 60FPS fast native iOS OpenGL rendering, with custom shaders
  • Facebook, Twitter, GameCenter integration
  • Created with XCode, Objective-C, C
  • Backend services done with PHP, WordPress

Along with the game, I also created the website:

…and “The People’s Levels” was a level creation and sharing feature:

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