React Native vs Xamarin

In preparation for a new cross-platform native mobile project, I have been researching cross-platform native app platforms, and topping the list are React Native and Xamarin.  I crossed Ionic off the list because it uses Cordova and a WebView and I want better speed.

Here are some links that have provided insight:

Google Trends: React Native vs. Xamarin

Worldwide. Web Search. 5 years, from Jan 2013 – Jan 2018.


Cruxlab, Inc. Sep 20, 2017: Xamarin vs Ionic vs React Native: differences under the hood

Paul Reichelt, Nov 2016: Why I left Xamarin behind in favor of React Native

John A. Calderaio, Feb 2017: Comparing the Performance between Native iOS (Swift) and React-Native

My background in the last 5 years is iOS native and Adobe AIR.  Given that:

  • I currently have more experience in AS3 and JavaScript than C#
  • I just did a ReactJS web project and really liked it
  • Experienced Xamarin developers are moving to and liking React Native
  • React Native is trending better than Xamarin
  • React Native supports hot module replacement (pretty cool!)

I will investigate React Native first and likely go with it for this upcoming project.

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