Virtual Nile

According to an ancient Egyptian story, party guests would float a lotus flower with a burning candle placed carefully in the middle.

Each person would share a dream hidden in their heart before releasing the lotus flower down the famous Nile river.

It was believed that if the flame continued to burn for the duration of the meal their dream would eventually come true.

Now you can float your own lotus candle down the Nile without going to Egypt.

Portland OR’s Baba’s Mediterranean Grill recently installed a 4-screen “Virtual Nile” in their new Cascade Station location, which officially opened January 6th, 2018.  With the Virtual Nile web app, customers can create a dream and in real time float their very own lotus flower down the Virtual Nile while they eat their meal.

Users’s lotus candles are labeled with their name.  If their candle stays lit all the way down the Nile, according to the legend their dream will come true!

Me at Baba’s testing the Virtual Nile, Jan 2018
mobile web, Jan 2018

Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: AWS API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo DB, PostgresSQL DB, AWS IoT
  • “Big Screen”: AWS IoT, Adobe AIR, Starling, Feathers
  • Web App: ReactJS, SCSS, Ramda, Axios

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