Refurbished cider press

This was a great project that was fun and useful too.  There’s nothing like drinking your own freshly squeezed apple cider made from apples that grew on a tree in your backyard!

We originally got the cider press from a friend at church, who had used it for over 30 years.  It was pretty weathered when we picked it up.

Original cider press. We had to remove the wheels for transport.
Electric motor and cutter drum on the original press. The cutter drum was cracked and ready to fall apart. The cutters were sawsall blades tacked on with staples.

Over a couple months, as time allowed, I (with help from my 5-yr old son and my dad) rebuilt the frame, refinished the metal parts, made a new cutter drum, and installed a newer motor.  The best part was an excuse to spend time together.

Here are the results:

Lucas (5 yrs) with the newly crafted cutter drum. We cut it from a scrap piece of sycamore wood using a tablesaw and a lathe. We used butcher block oil to soak the wood to preserve it.  The stainless steel screws embedded in the cutter drum are placed in a diagonal cutting pattern.
Finished product! The drip pan is custom made of stainless steel; the circular press wood is made from some hickory boards.